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Broward County
Mass Transit Support Facility

Owner: Broward County, FL
Project Location: Pompano Beach, FL

Broward County's Transit Service and Broward County Board of County Commissioners were in need of new Administrative offices and site improvements to their main facility located in Pompano Beach.

The Transit Support Services contract includes the redesign of the northern portion of the site to improve site circulation for bus storage, parking configuration and site drainage location of the new transit administrative offices. The project was divided into multiple phases; a sub site and overall site allowing for multiple permits and simultaneous construction and rerouting of bus circulation.

Blount Road entry: Was required to be expanded to better accommodate the anticipated bus traffic.

Drainage: Organizing all the government agencies requiring approvals for this site was a daunting task; fitting them all in the existing site required an immense effort on our Designer and Pre-Construction Manager's

The Building Program: The two-story 17,500 square foot facility in and of itself is not a typically large building, but the new Administrative offices require that it be technologically and structurally advanced to meet their needs for years to come. The structure is designed with 16" deep composite concrete deck system, where the exterior walls are masonry load bearing with no interior columns.

The entire building is designed to operate during and after a hurricane. Having a 300kw generator for emergency power to accommodate this, the FPL duct banks has to be rerouted to the entire facility.

Landscaping for the site and sub site required a Xeriscape planting scheme with native Florida aesthetics while keeping maintenance to a minimum.