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Grapeland Heights Park Phase 1, 2 & 3
Owner: City of Miami
Project Location: Miami, FL

This 13-acre active park located just south of the Miami Airport was transformed in three phases.




Phase I includes a baseball complex with four fields and a two-story restroom/concession building that acts as a central hub to the fields. Perimeter parking with convenient walkways provides easy access. Phase I was completed in July 2007.




Phase II is a water park containing four different pools: First, there's a large activity pool with themed water playground equipment ideal for kids 5 and older. Pool number two is a smaller water playground designed especially for kids 5 and under. Next, a 600-foot wacky waterway meanders around the site dumping, spraying and splashing riders as they drift by. And finally, for the adults, there's a resort style pool setting complete with beach entry to a depth of 5' deep where they can sit, relax and float in cool, refreshing water. Phase II was completed May 2008.




Phase III is a 26,680 sq. ft. Community Recreational Center. This two-story facility is reminiscent of a structure found in our national park system and holds center stage over the entire park. Phase III was completed Summer 2008.