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SurfLoch Podcast with Wave Pool Magazine

October 6, 2022

Nick Robinson from Wavepoolmag caught up with SurfLoch’s VP of Business Development, Scott Poehler, to run through a range of subjects both personal and professional. There’s a pretty big reveal within the audio, so make sure you listen if you want to be up to date with the latest news in surf technology.

This podcast includes a wealth of information regarding all things wave pool, some of the highlights:

  • Explanation of SurfLoch’s customised, boutique approach to building surf pools
  • How Scott got involved with SurfLoch and his most memorable day surfing
  • Details on the energy needed to power a wave pool and some estimates of the water volume required
  • Background on Palm Springs Surf Club and Cheyne Magnusson’s skills as the wave conductor
  • The SurfLoch technical validation process that ensures the best waves in the world
  • Discussion of every surfer’s dream – the “backyard wave pool” – Scott gives details on SurfLoch’s latest wave pool installation…
  • The immense variability of SurfLoch waves
  • Details on some of our upcoming projects
  • How SurfLoch can create 10 foot waves (3 metre waves) in a manmade wave pool
  • The assistance SurfLoch can provide to consult on all stages of your project to help make it happen
Listen to the podcast