Construction Management-at-Risk (CM-at-Risk)

Since 2010, RDC has been using the CM-at-Risk delivery method for many of our projects. Construction Management-at-Risk means exactly what it says: The construction manager (that’s us) makes a commitment to deliver a project within a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) – and is responsible for ensuring the project is delivered according to construction documents, specifications and budget. CM-at-Risk works best on the following:

  • Larger, more complex projects.
  • Fast-track projects.
  • Projects where attention to detail and deadlines is critical.
  • Projects where the owner wants to be hands-on.

Collaboration. From Onset to Closeout.

As the construction manager, RDC is involved from the get-go. We meet with the owner and architect/designer pre-project and work together through every stage and phase of the job. This constant collaboration helps us avoid delays and unnecessary changes that result in higher costs and increased timeline. It also allows us to modify the design mid-project to enhance design objectives should the opportunity arise.

Client Advantages

By centralizing responsibility, CM-at-Risk relieves clients from having to manage multiple contacts and contracts and supervise third-party liability. This strong collaborative relationship improves communication, accelerates the schedule and results in higher quality construction. It also gives owners a chance to share their vision and tap into RDC’s experience with the latest construction trends.

Flexibility Built In

As opposed to the design-bid-build method, CM-at-Risk provides greater flexibility when it comes to building teams. Having time to pre-qualify subcontractors and not being locked in to the low bidder widens the labor pool. This often enables us to fulfill our commitment to hire minority-owned enterprises and other subcontractors who would not normally bid on large projects. A wider labor pool to choose from more often than not leads to superior quality and time efficiencies.