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Palm Springs Surf Club – California, Spring 2024

August 18, 2023

The Coachella Valley has had its ups and downs as the wave pool projects slated to be built go through the processes it takes to reach final completion. Out of the four projects, the Palm Springs Surf Club, Coral Mountain, Desert Surf and the Thermal Beach Club, three are still on the books to be completed.

The Palm Spring Surf Club took over the old Wet’n’Wild water park in Palm Springs. The old park already had a pool space available for them to build in and test their equipment before actually starting on the larger pool. The old pool was eventually replaced with a larger one with a completely different bottom to help form perfect waves. There is a lot of footage of the test pool from 2020 and many world class surfers got a taste of what will be a very unique surfing experience. Since then, it’s been more construction and waiting as the opening date was pushed back due to undisclosed reasons. But a recent post on Instagram showed the pool being filled with water just ahead of testing. Cautiously the crew, led by Cheyne Magnusson, has been mum about a firm opening date. However, some are saying Spring 2024 if not earlier.

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