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110 E Broward

110 East Broward is a 25-story offices located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Work at the property consisted of two phases. Phase one of construction focused on tower improvements. It included waterproofing of existing glazing, stucco restoration, and paint.

Phase two of the project focused on improvements to the entry and grounds. New handicapped ramps were installed for ADA compliance. The existing EIFS finishes were removed in favor of a new impact stucco system. New porcelain tile and pavers were installed at the entry steps with decorative stainless-steel rails and storefront doors. New decorative planters were constructed in conjunction with new landscaping throughout. Highlighted by (6) royal palms with site lighting.

The crown jewel of the remodel would certainly be the decorative glass canopy with decorative composite material façade.

Key Features

  • Decorative Laminated Glass Canopy
  • Decorative Composite Wall Panel
  • Remodeled entry with Porcelain Tiles and Stainless-Steel rails

Project Details


Stockbridge 110 East Broward, LLC


Fort Lauderdale, Florida