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C2 – Swan Hotel

The C2 Swan Pool is located on the third floor amenity deck and is the focal point of the hotel. The Myrtha pool, built by RDC, ranges from 3’-6” to 4’-6” deep and includes a sun shelf with 8” of water. The gutter system for this pool is fully hidden by 12” wide marble coping. The pool consists of two large radiused sides and one smaller radius which provides a more custom feel. Further adding to the complexity of the project, the entire vessel was covered with 2”x2” tile. A special glass mosaic tile was used to create a unique waterline aesthetic. The pool has the capability to be fully lit at night with the use of five Intellibrite 5G White LED lights. Guests are also able to enjoy a water feature, consisting of 8 deck nozzles housed in the coping and spraying water three feet back into the pool.

RDC’s scope for the project included the pool installation, plumbing, deck equipment, rails, coping, and the pump room. Like most projects that have been under construction over the course of 2020/2021, we did face challenges with COVID-19 impacting manpower, increased safety measures, and delays in procuring material. Long lead times on equipment made it difficult to stay on track with schedule. Despite all of this, with increased effort and attention to detail RDC was able to deliver a high quality product that will attract guests to stay at the C2 Swan Hotel for years to come.

Key Features

  • 2,856-sq.-ft. Myrtha Pool
  • 182-sq.-ft. Sun Shelf
  • 3’ Spray Kit with 8 Deck Nozzles
  • Full-Length Radius Stairs
  • Completely Tiled Vessel
  • Equipment room

Project Details


Swan Hotel Associates


Bay Lake, Florida


November 2021


Design/Build, CM@Risk, Bid