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Collins Community Center – Oakland Park Splash Pad

Recreational Design & Construction is thrilled to be a part of The City of Oakland Parks, Collins Community Center. RDC designed and built the 2-piece splash pad incorporated into the park. The splash pad features two separate sides with a walkway in between to accommodate all ages of kids to play at. The smaller side, featuring soft powered bubblers, is designed for toddlers ages 1-3, while the larger side featuring larger jets, is designed for kids age 3-6+. Benches surrounding the splash pad will let parents comfortably keep an eye on their children as well. Led by Kaufman Lynn Construction, the beautiful two-acre park also features new basketball courts, pickleball courts, a playground, covered pavilion, as well as a new concession stand building and ADA restrooms!

Key Features

  • Teardrop shape – split into 2 areas with a walkway through the center
  • Smaller side for toddlers with Bubblers – 269 SF
  • Bigger side for children with nozzles – 1,727 SF
  • Vac-C170 filter talk (1,500 gallon) with eleven 155 SF filter cartridges
  • Stainless steel laminar nozzle with integral 12VDC RGB lighting (x9) (Mfg. Com-Pac Filtration)
  • Versa Light nozzles
  • Versa Spray nozzles

Project Details


City of Oakland Park


Oakland Park FL


Splash Pad 1: 1,727 SF Splash Pad 2: 269 SF


October 21,2022




PGAL Architect