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Lauderdale Manors Community Center

Lauderdale Manors Community Center started out as a building-remodeling project. When selective demolition started, it was discovered that existing structure was not up to correct code as expected and would require extensive structural modification to allow the renovation to begin. With input from Fort Lauderdale Commission Community leaders, it was decided to demolish the entire building and start from scratch. The community building prototype developed for the Warfield Community and Crossiant Park by the RDC Design Team was the basis of the building design.

The community building is one part of the Lauderdale Manors Community Center. The aquatic center and playground were integrated into the final site plan. Upon completion, the project received a warm welcome from the city staff and was awarded the City’s Community Appearance Award.

Since Lauderdale Manors Park is built on School Board property, the City of Fort Lauderdale and the School Board share the facility. The park contains a 75-foot x 45-foot community pool and serves as a backup for lap swimming for the heavily used International Swimming Hall of Fame complex. The interactive water play pool is the most popular feature on-site. An additional restroom and changing facility as well as a second lifeguard office were added to the existing community building to accommodate the increased usage. The new water feature provides an accessible recreational area for the enjoyment of the entire community.

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