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Little Haiti Park Phase 1 and 2

When the film crew for the 2006 film Miami Vice was scouting for a location to shoot the final scene where vice detectives Crockett and Tubbs blow up everything in sight, they considered a series of parcels in Little Haiti that included transient hotels and a dilapidated trailer park.

Instead, the City of Miami purchased the various parcels with federal grant money and awarded an emergency contract to Recreational Design and Construction. The result: Little Haiti Park.

The RDC team worked closely with the community and the architect during the two-phase design/build project to give residents what they wanted: a recreational park, soccer fields and a multiuse community center.

Today, two lighted tournament-size soccer fields, a 1,400-seat stadium and concession area are home to healthy neighborhood competitions. The recreational area includes a domino park outfitted with game tables, children’s water splash deck, picnic shelter, shade-covered playgrounds, meandering walkways and tropical landscaping.

The demolition of the trailer park paved the way for the community center, which provides versatile, individual rooms for aerobics, weight training, arts and crafts, offices and restrooms.

The residents of this typically underserved community are now the proud beneficiaries of a safe, fun place to meet and play.

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