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Plantation Aquatic Facility

RDC completed a 50 meter x 25 yard Myrtha multipurpose swimming pool (teaching, recreational and competitive) and an SCS water play feature for the City of Plantation at the Central Park Aquatic Complex. This fast track design/build project also included the repair of the existing 50 meter pool, diving towers and renovation of the entire complex to comply with ADA access requirements. The Myrtha Pool is the most advanced swimming pool system (German technology and Italian fabrication) to be introduced in the United States in the past 50 years. It is a prefabricated stainless steel pool with a permanently laminated/factory applied PVC liner, bonded to low carbon stainless steel walls, to ensure longevity and a leak proof system. It is the only pool in the world of its kind. The Myrtha pool was used in the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996 and Barcelona 1992. The SCS water play system provides a variety of unique and continuous flowing water effects as water jets, buckets, hand wheels, pull ropes and gushing water interspersed around the structure at various heights.

The City of Plantation awarded RDC an emergency contract to refurbish it’s existing 50-meter pool and dive well. The project included the renovation of the filter system to high-rate sand, the replacement of all water carrying lines and the installation of the Myrtha Pools “RenovAction System”a state-of-the-art process used to refurbish old pools. The renovation process includes the “Myrtha stainless steel” gutter and wall panels with a hard PVC surface.

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