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SLS Brickell Hotel Myrtha Pools and Spas

SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences takes its standards of style, luxury and service to transform Downtown Miami’s skyline. This hotel has elements of creativity and community featuring 124 rooms, world-class décor by Philippe Starck.

SLS Brickell offers its customers top-class treatments and 11 exclusive pools. The SLS Brickell includes, 5 swimming pools on the 9th floor and 6 pools on the rooftop on the 55th floor.

The 5 small spas on the roof-top shows beautiful overviews of Miami. The pools feature hydro massage benches, wall hydro massage inlets, one underwater light and a white inner surface with black edge finishing tiles.

The sixth pool includes a prefabricated PVC access stair, underwater lights and soft walk liner for a safer and more comfortable experience. Also, in this case, the pool is white with black tiles for the edge finishing. The 5 pools on the 9th floor are all different and their layout creates a slender water blade on the longest side of the building.

The biggest pool faces the sun, featuring beach access, a prefabricated PVC stair, soft walk on the floor and 2 recessed stairs. The pool sitting in the center has a trapezium shape and 14x9m size with 0.30m max depth.

At the north side there is the third pool, featuring a prefabricated PVC stair with 3 large steps, 2 recessed stairs and soft walk on the floor. The remaining space lay two last spas: one warm water and one ice bath which regenerates the energies. Both pools has a prefabricated PVC stair and relax benches.

Key Features

  • 11 Exclusive Pools
  • 6 Rooftop: Main and Spa pools
  • 5 Smaller Spas
  • Overflow gutter
  • Hydro Massage Benches
  • Wall Hydromassage Inlets
  • Underwater Lights
  • 2 Spas with Warm and Ice Bath features

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The Architecture MasterPrize Award